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Thank you for visiting my blog, I’m so happy to see that you’re a little curious to learn more about me!

I’ve personally taken the big and much debated step of “over-sharing” my life with you for one reason that is particularly important to me. The more I think of it, it was actually more of an “ah-ha!” moment, which brought me to build something of my own and share it with you now. So before I tell you all about myself, here is the “why”  behind my passion for writing, travel and opening up about my world, all for your reading pleasure!


The truth is, the more I began to explore the world, meet new people and try new and exciting things, the more I started hearing things like “OMG you travel so much” or “You’re so lucky to have the life you do“. While others may not bat a lash to those types of comments, I felt a deep discomfort with how they resonated with me. This lasted for the first couple years that I spent travelling, until the day came where it hit me, and I suddenly realized exactly what that discomfort was. 

The truth was, I was actually feeling pretty selfish! As weird as that may sound, the reason became clearer as time moved forward following that realization. What eventually became obvious to me was that I wasn’t really doing anything with my experiences, except simply living it and enjoying them. Now of course that seems totally normal to most, because that is exactly the point of a taking a trip. However, I simply felt that I never gave others an authentic view of my experiences when it came to; travel, adventure, learning about new cultures, building relationships, trying new things, and just being able to learn all the lessons that come from those experiences. So at the end of the day, my story was only known to me, only influenced me, and was of no value to anyone else because up until that point, I had not done much to share those experiences in a way that is valuable for other people. 

For me, hoarding photos and reminiscing on all of my wonderful memories was such a great feeling! However the truth is, that memory does fade and the craving to make a new one begins to settle in and take its place. So then I had to ask myself, “what purpose did they serve just sitting in my camera roll? What story were they telling all stacked up in an app with nobody to see them or share them with?”. It almost felt silly to a certain point the more I thought about it. It was like having a trophy collection shoved into a desk drawer rather than on display. It was then and there I realized that what really mattered to me much more was being able to tell a story and share all these cool things that I’ve learned about that I knew so many others didn’t know about. 

So the corny saying, “memories are only fun if you have someone to share them with is very much true. That’s why I’ve created this blog! I want to be able to encourage others to do whatever may help them live a more adventurous, daring, fulfilling and passionate life! It is also super important to me that I’m able to pass on the lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes, failures or silly moments just so that you don’t have to make them too!

So one of the more important things I want you to remember about my blog is this: You’ll find all sorts of articles across my blog about things I genuinely enjoy writing about, but most importantly, the take-away will always be about how making YOUR life more exciting, positive, fulfilling and meaningful!

My articles are about things that have completely filled my soul, changed me as a person, given me a sense of purpose and have fired up my passion for writing about them ever since!

As you (hopefully!) follow my posts more, you’ll learn so much more about me, how I see things, how I’ve explored the world and what those adventures have given to me in return.

So now that you’re starting to get my “why”, it’s time to get straight into who I am! Otherwise this whole page is kind of useless, so let’s get straight to it! Here are some things about me that I would’ve never been able to say out loud when the teacher would ask us to go in a circle and share a “fun fact” about ourselves.  

“Fun” facts about me: 

  • I’m 23 years old.
  • I’m an August baby, making me a Leo! Side note 1, I would’ve felt superficial adding that into my first bullet, so here it is. Side note 2, I don’t believe in horoscopes, but this is all I share with Obama, Jlo, Madonna and Meghan Markle, so I now feel validated too.
  • I love good food, truth is I literally eat everything, unless it’s expired then I’ve been advised to do otherwise (P.S. I’m NOT a “fake foodie”. I do search, seek out and try all types of cuisine because (here comes the cheesy part) I DO believe that sharing food is sharing a new taste or culture while also experiencing how people get creative with food!
  • I love to travel and just be adventurous, but more like I say yes to things out of excitement and regret it the day of,  but I’m like “ugh just do it you’re already here” type of adventurous.
  • I have one cat, and I am an aspiring cat lady because 1: I want more cats and 2: cat ladies look like they literally give zero sh*ts
    • Side fact about my cat: he is better than yours.
  • I studied Political Science and minored in Philosophy. Meaning I have opinions about pretty much everything, I can write a lot and quite persuasively. I can also think deeply without throwing myself into an existential crisis.
  • I have 2-3 close travel buddies because I happen to be an “ambivert” and that’s all I can handle for this lifetime.
  • I’m naturally a creative thinker because numbers make me sad and my room is always messy (Both Buzzfeed and Psychology Today told me these things are related so who am I to deny science).

You now probably know way more than you should about me, but this is the only place that I have dedicated to talking all about myself! So now it’s time to start exploring all the cool photos, stories, tips, lessons, guides and so much more that I’m always so excited to share with you! 

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